Ultrafiltronics designs manufactures, and commissions state-of-the-art custom and advanced standardized central reverse osmosis/DI water and Reject systems for the Biotech, life science, and pharmaceutical marketplace.

A unique piece to our design is a 3-way RO permeate divert valve that ensures only high quality, within specified product water entering the storage/distribution tank.

These ultrapure water systems are typically coupled with a RO concentrate reject system to reclaim the waste off of the reverse osmosis system.

Ultrafiltronics offers state-of-the-art central reverse osmosis and DI water systems to meet our client’s budgets. We understand that new start-up firms need to keep an eye on the bottom line and we are there to help them meet their water quality specifications while staying within budget for new start-up & smaller firms.

Additionally, we work with well-established larger life science and pharma firms as they grow and require larger and more comprehensive technologies to meet compliance and water quality specification.