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Superior Service Specialists

Founded in 2002, we offer a very knowledgeable and highly qualified  staff of engineers for ultrapure water systems and filtration solutions. 

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality ultrapure water systems and service in New England.

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We offer the installation, service and maintenance of ultrapure water  systems for the life sciences community, laboratories, higher education  and commercial/industrial clients.

UltraFiltronics  also offers validation testing services, training and laboratory  systems consultations for a variety of commercial and industrial water  filtration systems.

Services Include:



  • Free consultation on design and operation efficiencies
  • Design build and manufacturing from our engineers
  • System sanitation, membrane cleaning and replacement
  • System commissioning/de-commissioning
  • Full Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Reverse Osmosis Deionized water systems (RODI)
  • Point of use laboratory units
  • Technical support on all major manufacturer's equipment
  • Comprehensive preventive maintenance agreements (PMAs) as a cost effective way to have all the components that make up your system inspected, adjusted and performance verified

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Sartorius is a leading international pharmaceutical and laboratory  equipment supplier. With their innovative products and services, they  are helping customers across the entire globe to implement their complex  and quality-critical bio-manufacturing and laboratory processes  reliably and economically. 

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